Inura’s Functions

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Daily Prediction

Start your day empowered

Inura helps you start your day with a clear understanding of how your stars align. Receive detailed insights and personalized predictions that illuminate your path and guide you through the day's challenges and opportunities.

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Prediction Chat

Real-time connection

Get an answer to any question that troubles you. Inura's prediction chat offers personalized guidance and insights, providing clarity in a confusing world. A little help can go a long way, and Inura is here to support you with expert advice tailored to your unique situation.

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Natal Chart

Reveal your cosmic blueprint

Inura creates a personalized and detailed natal chart for you, offering insights into the celestial influences at the time of your birth. It also breaks down the complexities of your natal chart into easy-to-understand pieces.

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Dream Book

Decode the language of dreams

Let Inura explain what your dream meant. With Inura's dream book function, you won't have to torment yourself with questions and guesses anymore. Gain clear and insightful interpretations of your dreams.

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Discover your harmonious bond

Inura helps you understand your relationship's strengths and weaknesses. With Inura's compatibility function, gain insights to help you build the relationship you've long dreamed of. Discover how to enhance your connection.

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Totem Animal

Find your spiritual guide

Individuals and tribes have invoked their 'totem' animals in tough times. Discover the wisdom and guidance your totem animal can offer with Inura's totem animal function.